Team vs. Staffed Agent

By far, the majority of real estate agents in the US are what's called a single agent. They do all of the sales, all of the marketing, all of the transaction coordinating, all of the listing management, all of the photography, all of the work with the lending institutions, and all of the closing coordination. This is most likely why the majority of clients complain that their agent is inaccessible, slow to respond, and sloppy at best. Years ago, Eric developed a very large team while following the "team approach," which breaks down these jobs into individual roles, including overseeing, training, and coaching multiple agents. For many years, Eric was selling well over a hundred homes and upwards of 215 homes in one year, becoming the #7 team in America. What he found is that he just didn't know his clients.

Over a decade ago, he discovered a new approach, which is the staffed agent. This allows him to be the primary contact for all of his clients, all of the negotiations, and all of the follow-up for years to come. It also allows other amazing people to perform the tasks that need to be systematized and implemented in a consistent, timely way. Eric feels that he has finally found a sweet spot to delivering an incredible experience to his clients and intends on continuing this for years to come.


Systems have always been a part of the companies Eric has been a part of or developed. He has found that the majority of tasks associated with selling a home or working with a buyer repeat themselves and can be systematized to provide a consistent experience and deliver on time - and many times ahead of time. From a several-hundred-point listing plan to an offer-to-close process that starts from day zero until closing, Thrasher Aparicio follows an intricate system that allows for flexibility and change but has the necessary rigidity to deliver that consistently excellent experience. The entire group is web-based, in the cloud, paperless, and accessible from multiple devices and locations. This allows them to respond to their clients' needs within minutes.


We have several things in our favor. One of the most amazing things about northeast Indiana is that we have homes that are built with incredible craftsmanship, yet have some of the lowest prices in the nation. As the economy has strengthened and interest rates have remained low, we are experiencing the lowest inventory since pre-recession. This creates a shortage for buyers and therefore increases demand. As a seller, you can take advantage of this by demanding strong prices. The good news is that people from out of town, or even locals, will find that we still have some very competitive prices compared to the national average. Many people think they have to look backwards to come up with the price of their home. You just might be surprised. Let Eric Thrasher come out to your property and give his expert digital evaluation, no strings attached.


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